With the private domain operation as the center, we will discover the good things through sharing continuously through group promotion, time to share, push for public account, etc., establish a professional image of bringing goods , build your circle of social exchange, and create new business opportunities in life.

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SHOPPING is a website where online users worldwide buy products from merchants.

shopping uses global emerging technologies to redefine the global online retail experience.

Real-time global big data allows us to quickly adapt to changing needs and conditions.

We connect consumers with brands to create a personalized user shopping experience,and have developed into a retail project where customers go shopping and entertainment.

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In order to allow more users to use the trend of the modern Internet to increase sales and promotion for major e-commerce companies around the world, and to make e-commerce products bursting with orders, the platform uses existing and emerging technologies to redefine the retail experience. Using data in real time allows us to quickly adapt to changing needs and conditions.

Five-level agency cooperation model

SHOPPING global mass recruitment agency members, every user can become an agency, you can share with everyone around you through your reference code, and register as a Shopping member.

1: You invite A to be your agent. He is your first-level agent. You can get an additional 16% of A's profit as a team commission.

2. A invites B to be your second-level agent, you can get an extra 16% of your A's profit as a team commission, and you can get an extra 8% of B's profit as a team commission. SHOPPING is a five-level agency model. By analogy, you can also get 4%, 2%, and 1% team commissions. SHOPPING is currently being promoted on a large scale around the world. It has become a business giant and needs your participation!


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